Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tonight's dinner as a no-cook affair. Despite that, it was still very, very delicious.

Dinner was a smorgasbord of hummus, grapes, grape tomatoes, cheese, olives, salmon, and Melba toast. The flavors played off one another well--the tartness of the olives paired with the sweetness of the grapes; the soft cheese melted into the hard Melba toast; the salty salmon offset the sadly bland tomatoes.

The hummus, admittedly, went well with everything. I stuffed it in pitted olives! I slathered it on the Melba toast! I dipped both grapes and grape tomatoes in it!

My least favorite part of the meal was the salmon--it was simply too salty for my taste! I had to pair it with the tomatoes, which were strangely bland. I suppose this heat wave is killing off our tomato plants--or, at least, sapping them of all flavor. Alas! I guess salsa's out of the question.

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