Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I never liked cooking all that much. Even now, I'm not sure that I really enjoy it.

When I read food blogs, I sometimes start to feel like a bit of a foodie imposter. All those food bloggers, man--they really dig hunkering down by the stove and whipping out the kitchenware. They seem to revel in creating new dishes and tweaking recipes from dusty old tomes. The posts tend to follow a dramatic build-up: first the creation, then the cooking, then the consumption. Sometimes there's even a big, extreme-macro photo at the end.

Me? I just like food.

I'm a bit impatient with cooking, though I've done in on the occasion that I've craved something specific. As is, I can't seem to budget my time and energy well--and cooking is something I've never quite been able to conquer. I think it'd be fun to whip up delicious dishes at a moment's notice. But I find it difficult to inspire myself to cook.

Food is an inspiration. I love food and it's thick, layered flavors and textures. I love trying new things. Every country has delicious junk food if you look hard enough.

One of my resolutions for this year was to cook. And, honestly, I think I've managed to actually keep my goal. I've cooked many a delicious meal: hearty bowls of red chicken curry, filled with bamboo shoots that have soaked up the spicy broth; cheese-encrusted chicken with burnt, crispy edges; little bento boxes filled with tiny foodstuffs arranged in silly ways.

But, hey--I want to cook more. I want to create sumptious college feasts and goofy dorm food. I figured, what better way to force myself to both write and cook than keep a food blog?

Let's do this thing!

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