Wednesday, January 24, 2007

To celebrate the new semester, the suite traveled to a nearby Italian restaurant.

I wanted Olive Garden. I was craving their spicy Zuppa Tuscana. But the drive was too far, and I couldn't convince my roommate to drive us there. So we ended up at a little Italian eatery with a supposedly fabulous reputation.

The food was alright. It certainly wasn't worth the hype. Comparatively, the meal cost more than Olive Garden. I had to buy the soup and salad separately--and there were no refills. This would have been forgiven had the food been excellent. Unfortunately, the soup was bland and the salad was piled high with odd, bologna-like meat. Even the peppercinis were overly salty. To the restaurant's credit, their homemade dressing was nice and piquant.

All and all, it was a pretty ho-hum meal. The only plus side was the great company I kept. It was great seeing everyone again. We got to catch up on our Christmas adventures and talk about the year ahead. That was nice.

I wish this blog could be positive all the time, but sometimes a bad meal has to be called out.

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