Wednesday, January 24, 2007

After arriving in New Orleans and settling down at the hotel, my group and I set out for a quick bite at a local eatery.

The appetizer, a spinach and artichoke andouille, was delicious. Although I shared it with a friend, I have to admit that I ate quite a bit of it. The chips were a bit stale, but they still packed a nice corn taste. The small meat chunks mixed throughout the dip imparted a slightly salty flavor. The overall texture was both chunky and creamy.

Before we knew it, the dip was gone.

I ordered red beans and rice for a little authentic New Orleans flavor. Unfortunately, they were completely bland! To salvage the meal, I tried dumping in tons of salt. It didn't really work. The ham added a salty flavor, but it was too sparse on the plate. I couldn't bring myself to slice of a bit of meat for every bite!

It was a bit of a bad run for New Orleans food during my first meal. Luckily, the winds of change were on my side: the food only got better.

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