Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I ate my first passion fruit today. It was... a unique experience. I wish I had pictures right now! I took some photos with a disposable camera, but I won't have them developed for a while. When I get them, I'll upload them and whip up a post.

From my limited knowledge, I knew that passion fruit has to be cut in half. So I grabbed a plastic butter knife and started sawing away, expecting the flesh to give. But no! The fruit was hard and tough. As I pulled the knife away, I saw a shallow groove of purple running across the fruit's circumference like a girly belt.

With lack of other options, I stabbed it. Juice dribbled out from the stab wound and pooled on my roomie's dresser. In haste, I ran to grab a napkin and wiped up the mess. I pulled it open to reveal a bizarre sight: green seeds covered in sacs of yellow pulp, piled up inside the thick purple rind like a mound of frog's eggs. It certainly is the freakiest fruit I've ever seen!

The smell hit me at once. Passion fruit doesn't have a fruity aroma. Instead, it reminds me of pine sap! It's a strong scent that makes me strongly think of Christmas.

As for the taste: it's interesting. The fruit itself is semi-sweet and mostly pleasant. The oddness comes from the texture. I suppose the best comparison is crunchy caviar. There's no other way to describe it! While the seeds are hard and make loud crunching noises when eaten, the sacs around the seeds feel slimy. They're almost gelatin-like, but at least Jello has firmness(!).

Right now, I'm waiting for the roomie to come back so that I can show off my latest Weird Fruit Acquistion. She's going to freak.

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