Saturday, August 12, 2006

If you are either:

a) a salsa lover, drawn to the fiery mix of flavors that enhances any meal
b) a chilehead, who savors that delicious visceral reaction that comes from eating something spicy

then you owe it to yourself to visit Salsa de Rosa. They make some truly delicious homemade salsa. The mildest salsas are far too bland for me, but the hot salsas--oh yeah! They're fantastic, blending just the right amount of heat and flavor.

(I like Hot more than Extreme Heat because Extreme Heat had a bit of a sour tartness that I didn't like. The temperature was nice, though. I could tell because my nose started to run. My scale for spicy food is tissue-based.)

The best part: they offer a $4 sampler pack, filled with their most popular flavors. I've had the sampler, and it was wildly awesome. It was packed with a gel-based (I think!) ice pack, so the box stayed cool. The salsa has to be refridgerated. Honestly, though, it never made it to the fridge. I gobbled it up upon arrival. The portions are small, but for a sampler that's to be expected. I was satisfied with my purchase.

My only concern is that, like most "good" food products, they're expensive. Alas, as a poor college student, I can't really afford to keep up my gourmet salsa habit. At least I can recommend them with a clear conscience.

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