Friday, August 17, 2007

Just when I am struck by a desire to update my food blog, I get all four of wisdom teeth cut out. Alas! Fortune smiles not upon me! (Nor do I smile without pain.)

To be honest, this food blog was under some sort of hiatus for quite some time. (Dear Lord, I haven't posted since February!) It wasn't really intentional--life can be a kick sometimes!--but I just wanted to apologize to my few readers. I'm going to try to start blogging again. College is starting back up, and my foodie friends are sure to help me find some awesome restaurants.

So, in this interlude before my pain medicine forces me horizontal, I want to talk about my super-awesome food swap I received from Quellia for the Blogging By Mail food event.

After work one day, I came home to find a postal slip in my mailbox. The next morning, I ran to the post office and emerged with a package covered in customs slips. An international parcel! How exciting!

Quellia's package was filled with all sorts of goodies: a recyclable grocery bag, mango-curry dip, a spice grinder filled a salt-and-pepper mix, Skor chocolates (slightly melted ;), spices from a local Canadian grocery, blue and green dish towels, and nifty chopping block with a built-in knife.

The tote itself is very attractive. Being a bit of a design fanatic, I've taken to using this bag as an all-purpose carryall. I have a feeling that one of my Canadian-loving college mates is going to gaga over this bag. But it's mine, all mine!

I, uh, don't have a picture of the mango-curry dip. I whipped up a batch of it almost immediately--and ate it all mere hours later. I've actually had the dip before: I think my mom received it as part of a "gourmet" Christmas gift and passed it on to me. Needless to say, that was a most excellent surprise. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I didn't share. (Almost.)

(As for the taste: the dip is far more curry than mango. There's a little bit of sweetness, yes, but the dip strongly tastes of curry powder and sour cream. Maybe a hint of garlic.)

The salt-and-pepper mix was really neat. I've never seen the two packaged together before. In a letter Quellia enclosed with the package, she mentioned that the same company also makes a cinnamon-and-sugar mix. That sounds divine, doesn't it? Mmm.

I'll admit, I haven't tried the Skor chocolates yet. It's not an affront against the chocolate itself--goodness knows I'm not one to turn down a chance to try new sweets. Rather, it's something about Skor bars themselves. The first time I bought some Skor, I wrapped the bar in ice, trying to stave off a bit of melting. The ice water leaked inside the candy wrapper, ruining the chocolate. This time, I will try Skor--just as soon as my bleeding gums allow me the opportunity.

I haven't seen spices sold in little plastic bags before. It's pretty neat. I can't wait to use the cumin.

Aren't the towels pretty? I really like the blue one. The decorative embroidery really makes them pop. I'll pack them away for my college cookery.

God, this chopping block is awesome. Anything that affords me more handspace--my dorm's kitchen is downstairs, so my hands are always full--is fine by me. The design is really clever.

What an awesome swap! Thanks, Quellia!

And, loyal readers, I have more images and stories to blog. I just, uh, have to lie down. I'm starting to get a bit zonked. Maybe I should do a "Wisdom Teeth Menu" post... hm. Time shall tell.

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Quellia said...

I am so bad! I looked for this post about the time we did the mailing, but didn't see it. And now that BBM is back up, I was reminded to come look again and found it!
I am so glad you liked your package, and I hope you eventually got to try the Skor bars! (I admit, I had totally forgotten what I had even sent!)