Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For an adventurous foodie, my school's cafeteria can be a bit of a bore. But occasionally, the food can be pretty good.

Every Wednesday is "Fried Chicken Day." As you can imagine, I now have a burning apathy towards fried chicken. Generally, I'd avoid the cafeteria on Wednesdays and eat in my room. But there are a few choice goodies that appear on Wednesday that I can't seem to resist.

Take the potatoes, for example. For instant mashed potatoes, they are fantastic! I think the gravy is what really makes it worth the while. I don't know the gravy's ingredients--for all I know, it could be an industrial size pack of those little seasoning packets you can buy at Food Lion. But who cares? The potatoes are awesome.

They also serve collards on Wednesday--and collards are really good with a little hot sauce.

My complaint about the cafeteria stems from the fact that there's hardly any variety. Students clamor about what they like, and we end up eating fried chicken or omelettes every few days.

At least they mix it up sometimes.

This is officially the best soup in the cafeteria. The days they serve it, there's always a long line at the ladle. It's cheddar broccoli--a thick, creamy soup filled with veggie bits and lots of cheese. It has a delicious warmth.

It's my goal to make this soup on my own.

These lemon bars are my favorite dessert, but they can be hit or miss. The first few I had were superb. (I ate more than one per visit, of course.) Lately, however, they've been overly gummy and taste somewhat of flour. For my last one, I ate the insides and left the shell.

The bar is filled with a thick lemon paste that's filled with granulated sugar. Outside of that is a thick shell. I always want to take a spoon and whack it a few times to break the crust--but generally I just devour it.

If anything, the cafeteria does have a soft-serve ice cream machine.

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