Thursday, January 11, 2007

There is a Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant that, oddly enough, is best known for its amazing ice cream. For just a little over two dollars, you can get three flavors of ice cream heaped into a big styrofoam bowl. Not only that, but you're allowed to get big, spoon-sized samples before you order.

Today, I ordered ginger, banana pudding, and peanut butter chocolate ice cream. My favorite flavor, bar none, is the ginger. It has little hairy ginger bits mixed into the ice cream itself. The flavor is strong--you can definitely taste the spiciness. Banana pudding was a new flavor. Much like the real thing, crumbled vanilla wafers were mixed into the batch. The crunchiness of the cookies and the smoothness of the banana made for a delicious combination. The peanut butter chocolate, though good, was far too strong. There were curls of peanut butter throughout the ice cream. While this tasted great at first, the peanut butter got to be overkill halfway through. To make matters worse, the chocolate was dark and clingy--you couldn't escape the overwhelming flavor.

At the very bottom, the ice cream blended together to form a chocolately, gingery banana ice cream with a hint of peanut butter. It was a great fusion. (The ginger and banana helped to balance out the sheer might of the chocolate.)

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