Monday, January 15, 2007

Grocery stores can be great fun. You can find all sorts of weird foods if you poke around hard enough.

This cheap meat--probably a close relative to SPAM and Vienna Sausages--caught my attention with its blocky, graphic look. I tried to imagine what was inside the can. Visions of entrails filled my mind. (Not a pleasant image!)

Of course, that was nothing compared to the pork brains in milk gravy.

The tiny can had a disturbing nutritional label. Though the tin was no more than a few ounces, the brains' cholesterol levels were off the charts. I wondered: would you have a heart attack right after eating the brains? Would your arteries seize from the first bite?

This adorable cupcake made me feel a little better. I was amused by the hamburger decoration. I suppose this is the type of desert a meat-starved vegetarian would eat? ;) Jokes aside, it was well-decorated.

As for weird items, these tomatoes looked pretty ordinary. The only difference was the price: nearly six bucks a pound! I couldn't believe it! At least the padded protection makes sense--such grand tomatoes shouldn't be bruised.

When you have a camera and a bit of curiosity, it's easy to be amused in the grocery store.

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