Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Every New Year's, we celebrate by eating a particular meal for dinner. Informally, we dub it "health, wealth, and happiness." But in reality, it's simply Hoppin' John, green veggies, and ham. The cornbread was there for, uh, taste enhancement. ;)

I regret that my picture isn't as awesome as the meal itself.

This year, our green vegetable was broccoli. Though I usually vouch for collards as a New Year's dish, my dad cooked the broccoli so well, I'm positive that we're going to be wealthy in 2007! ;) It was smothered with (good!) cheese--heady and strong--and freshly ground pepper. I couldn't resist stacking up the stalks for a photo shoot.

The ham and Hoppin' John were delicious as well. The ham was plain, but juicy; the Hoppin' John was as good as it always is (I only eat it on New Year's day!). The best way to eat it all was mixed together: the flavors meld so well, and the textures are varied. Mm, New Year's.

For those who aren't aware, the New Year's food breakdown is as follows:

-HEALTH is Hoppin' John, for reasons unknown to me.
-WEALTH is the green vegetables, as both cash and collards are green. :)
-HAPPINESS is ham, which is generally associated with prosperity ("bringing home the bacon," anyone?). It also makes me think of fat, happy pigs.

Happy belated 2007, everyone!

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