Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My roommate decided that ramen was not enough for her--she wanted a real pasta dinner. So, using available resources, she cobbled together a "chicken parmesan" facsimile.

I was both amused and hungered by her creation. She gave me a bite; it was surprisingly delicious.


1 pack of ramen (the cheapest brand possible)
1 jar of tomato-based pasta sauce
1 hunk of cheese, grated
1 can of chicken (alternately, use leftover chicken strips from recent family dinner)

1) Remove ramen from package. Set noodle block in medium-sized bowl.
2) "Borrow" suitemate's hot-pot. Fill with water, then pour boiling water into bowl with the noodle block.
3) Let set for several minutes (approximately 5-7). The noodles should be al dente.
4) Spoon desired amount of pasta sauce over noodles.
5) Listen to your roommate laugh at you. Watch as she grabs her digital camera.
6) Stir in can of chicken, allowing sauce to completely cover the poultry bits.
7) Sprinkle grated cheese over the dish.
8) Enjoy!
9) Remember to return hot-pot.

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